The workday of an employee at Mana Supply is as lush and vibrant as the cannabis products we offer. Each day at Mana brings new opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally, in an environment where camaraderie and connection are given as much importance as work.

The Morning Routine

Every morning, we start with a team huddle to discuss the daily tasks, events, and any new products in our inventory. Our staff, with backgrounds in botany, patient services, and even culinary arts, brings a rich variety of know-how to these meetings. It’s like attending a mini-seminar on the healing benefits of cannabis every day before the store doors open.

The start of the day also calls for ensuring the store is perfectly set up. Whether it’s maintaining cleanliness or arranging new arrivals in the display, we believe the ambiance of our shop plays a big role in introducing our customers to the delightful world of cannabis.

A Warm, Welcoming Store Environment

The moment we open our doors, we’re ready to welcome customers – both experienced and new users of cannabis. We firmly believe in making each one of them feel part of our Mana ohana. Every recommendation we make, every question we answer, and every conversation we have is guided by our commitment to the customer’s wellbeing.

As the hours fly by, filled with consultations and sales, we also handle inventory and answer online inquiries. The goal is to ensure that the Mana experience is seamless for customers, whichever way they choose to interact with us.

End of Day Reflection

As the day winds down, it’s time to restock, clean up, and close down the store. Despite the long day, the satisfaction of knowing we helped people find the right cannabis products for their needs keeps us energized. We often end the day with a group reflection, discussing what went well and where we could improve the next day.

So, that’s a day in the life of an employee at Mana Supply – it’s all about community, commitment, and cannabis. And the wonderful thing is, each day brings new learnings and experiences – just like the intriguing array of cannabis strains we have on offer!