Searching for a dispensary in Burton, MI? Your search may end here. Introducing Dort Highway Dispensary, your one-stop destination for high-quality cannabis products. Established with a focus to serve our clientele in a better way, we offer you a unique shopping experience.

Our Location

We’re conveniently located on Dort Highway, making us an easy-to-reach destination for locals and travellers alike. Not just our location, but an amicable atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and a vast range of quality products make us one of the most preferred dispensaries in Burton.

What We Offer

More than a mere outlet, we believe in becoming your cannabis consultant. Our team stays updated with the latest research and trends in the cannabis world to guide you in the best possible way. You can trust us for reliable, safe, and effective product recommendations catered to your preferences.

In short, Dort Highway Dispensary is not just a place for you to buy cannabis products, but a space where you are educated, guided, and welcomed with open arms!