If you find yourself in the locale of New Standard Grand Haven, there’s much more you can explore and experience aside from our unique assortment of goods. As the premier marijuana provider in Grand Haven, MI, we’re committed not only to supplying you with quality merchandise, but also helping you explore the best that our vibrant town has to offer.

For Nature Lovers: Make a trip to the Grand Haven State Park, a charming beachfront haven offering radiant sunsets and a picturesque lighthouse. If you’re keen on hiking, Rosy Mound Natural Area provides lush forest trails leading to a serene beach.

For Food Enthusiasts: Dive into our local gastronomy. Savor gourmet pastries at Morning Star CafĂ© or relish the freshness of sustainable seafood at the Fish Monger’s Wife. These establishments will leave your taste buds tantalized.

For History Buffs: Engage in a fascinating journey through time at the Tri-Cities Historical Museum, where you can unravel the rich history of Grand Haven and its surrounding regions.

For Art Admirers: The Fire Barn Gallery exhibits local and regional artists’ ethereal works, ideal for those seeking cultural and aesthetic pleasure.

Remember, at New Standard Grand Haven, we believe in enhancing your overall experience in the town we proudly call home. After your explorations, come back to us for a relaxing wind-down with our curated selection of goods. Our knowledgeable budtenders are always ready to guide you through the diverse range of strains and products available- to ensure you round off your day on a high note!

For more details on the spectacular local spots worth visiting, click here. Enjoy your journey!