At New Standard, we extend beyond being a cannabis provisioning center – we aim to set a new standard in the industry, embodying top-quality service and utmost safety. Our centers are designed to provide a safe and professional environment where you can explore a variety of cannabis products without feeling rushed or overlooked.

Each visitor is granted personalized attention from our knowledgeable staff, who are trained to guide you through our extensive catalog. Tailoring advice to your specific needs, they are adept in suggesting products ideal for both novice and seasoned user.

Our centers prioritize security and compliance, ensuring you can rely on the effectiveness and safety of our offerings. Backed by lab-testing and stringent safety standards, we deliver unmatched service, impeccable quality, and a comfortably curated experience.

We also pride ourselves on operating responsibly in our community, actively contributing to societal upliftment and the economy.

At New Standard, we are passionate about changing the narrative around cannabis use while lifting the bar for standards within the industry. Visit us today to experience the New Standard difference.