New Standard was founded with a clear mission – to revolutionize the perception of cannabis while expanding accessibility throughout various locations including Sand Lake, Hazel Park, and Edmore just to name a few. Their dedication towards providing an exceptional point of service to the community burnt their path in elevating the presentation and standard of cannabis dispensaries.

One of the unique elements about New Standard is their patient-centric approach, a theme reflected in their innovative “Dispensary Near Me” locational tool. Muskegon, Grand Haven, and Nunica residents can find their nearest New Standard outlet with just a few clicks, ensuring prompt access to their medical cannabis needs.

New Standard highlighted the vital role dispensaries play in local communities, focusing their efforts to break free from the stereotypical marijuana dispensary by emphasizing transparency, professional service, and broad cannabis education – reshaping the landscape of medical dispensaries.

Attributed to specific outreach and education campaigns, New Standard has proven their commitment to the industry, demonstrating the viability and credibility of medical cannabis as respected therapeutics, and actively driving acceptance in Michigan and beyond.